For Posterity’s Sake

Here’s my current status:

Partner: Daya (fiance)

Location: Bombay (Mumbai), India. In Bandra West. We are living in a two bedroom apartment provided by the American School of Bombay. There are three other school teachers in the building.

Business activities: Moving production of Alabaster & Chess clothing company to India (not sure whether Delhi or Bombay will be better). Conducting sales activities for KnockOut Cosmetics in India. Finding php developers to help John. Looking for investment and entrepreneurship opportunities in India.

Book: Midnight’s Children, by Salman Rushdie

Daily routine: Still jetlagged.

Current to-do list: Buy pants, get mobile internet card, unlock iphone, buy ticket to Delhi, interview maids, buy household goods, find a yoga instructor.

2 Responses to “For Posterity’s Sake”
  1. blush says:

    somewhere on this list..should be take pictures…glad all is going well


    • Ysiad says:

      Thanks Blush! You’ll start seeing pictures as soon as I unlock my iphone. Daya brought it in to school today, so hopefully that will happen by tomorrow. There are some funny sign pictures I will start posting soon. My favorite one is on the gate outside the building. You’ll see it soon!