30/60/90 Day goals in personal life

Two of the self management tools that keep my day-to-day activities focused on longer-term objectives at work are 1) having 30/60/90 day goals and 2) having a daily to-do list. The 30/60/90 day goals keep me focused on tactical plans that support longer term strategic objectives (more subtle or longer term goals with multiple dependencies that can take a … Read more

Having space and time to build stuff again

Now that I’ve had the space and time to build my speakers, I realize I’ve managed to neglect one of my favorite things to do when younger: play with tools and build stuff.

Phish in Tahoe

A friend took me to see Phish in Tahoe. It was different from other shows I’ve been to in the capacity that people were there to see just this one band play, and some of those people had been to over a hundred shows. The impression I got from the show was that the band … Read more

Nostalgia on Aging

As I see Facebook newsfeed-featured photos of once upon a time classmates and teenaged friends growing older, I get nostalgic for days when it seemed everyone my age was full of curiosity and health. Is it purely a game of genetic chance? No, there is sufficient evidence to give me hope that with the right … Read more

SnapFresh.org Recently won the Applications For Good San Francisco Competition

So I recently went to a regional hackathon which was a regional try-out for a national competition called Applications for Good the first weekend I moved back to San Francisco. I was feeling like being creative, and thought what better way to be creative than apply my skills in a way that might help people. … Read more

Evolutionary Changes – Started Using Native Desktop Applications For Email and Calendar

After staunchly, sometimes stubbornly defending my use of the gmail gui, I’ve switched to the native mail, calendar, and contacts functionality provided on osx. It’s taken me pretty much all day (off and on), because I’ve got approximately 8 gb of email and I did extensive research regarding tools before just going with the native … Read more

Full utilization of productive hours

As interesting projects keep coming my way, the main thing I seek to learn is how to make good use of my time and stick to the “no more jobs” goal. The Alabaster & Chess website is making progress, but the main hiccup is getting scanned images and a full list of what the options … Read more


In Goa. Just had a delicious juice at some shack on the water. To- do: Nothing.

Shaved head

Shaved my head. 110 rupees. So much nicer not having hair again.

Time Management in India

I’ve been having a string of happy, productive weeks in India. I’m attributing a lot of it to yoga, lack of stress, interacting with people I like, and changing time management techniques when ever the shine starts to wear off.

Website for Alabaster & Chess is going well

Going with Magento looks like a good option for this website. There are some details related to my implementation of the code the first go around that need to be corrected, but other than that, things are good. I’ll be migrating to “bundled products” shortly. This experience of doing serious work on the website from … Read more


It’s Diwali right now. The Hindu festival of lights. Kind of like Hanukkah that way, but Indian style with lots of fire works.


Today is Halloween at Daya’s school and the lower school kids are having a parade. I’m going to show up with a bunch of candy and my gorilla suit. We are not allowed to wear “scary” costumes. So I will ask teachers if my costume is acceptable.

Catch up

Hey I’ve spent the last couple of months settling in and exploring different opportunities in India and abroad. Quick summary: India feels like home. – I’ll post lots of pictures soon. Promise! I’ve been getting involved in outsourcing and doing a lot of computer programming myself as well- mostly web based work. I’ll cover that … Read more

Catch Up Post

Last week we went to Moti Mahal, Koh, and ordered twice from Elco. S, Daya’s neighbor, had a couple of German guys visiting him and we took a day trip to a national park where there were some caves. Over the weekend, A and A took us with them to Amby Valley. We stopped at … Read more