Full utilization of productive hours

As interesting projects keep coming my way, the main thing I seek to learn is how to make good use of my time and stick to the “no more jobs” goal.

The Alabaster & Chess website is making progress, but the main hiccup is getting scanned images and a full list of what the options are. The next things I need to complete the store are a full list of shirt attributes and some scanned fabrics. I’ll try to get these things through NF as EC seems too busy. In the meanwhile, I need to make a printable gift certificate. I’ll do that as soon as I’m done with this blog post.

In the meanwhile, I’ve also been helping JP out with his energy drink website. It’s a good design that I’m glad to add it to my portfolio. He’s had some pretty basic issues thus far, but potentially complicated since the work involves cleaning up the mess left by a disgruntled programmer. Tasks include code support and Magento integration to a logistics company.

And another project is morphing KO to something profitable. We’ve got a no-brainer business plan that requires little capital outlay, so it should work. Only missing pieces are the name before moving forward full steam.

Things are looking good.

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