HelpWallah Feedback

Some people prefer helpwallah, while others prefer helpmewallah.

H showed me a personal assistant service that had recently been in the press. It targets a different need and demographic, and is much more expensive.

A suggested that we start with a 10 person beta so we could learn what peoples’ needs are in a low-risk manner before we charge them. While on the phone with her, her boyfriend D said we should segment expats into corporate, nonprofit, and spouse categories. That’s a good idea, and in that case we should have three or four of each category.

Other ways to segment customers could be by level of benefits. Level of support provided by organization. Amount of hired help.

2 Responses to “HelpWallah Feedback”
  1. Lauren says:

    Love Helpwallah and helpme wallah- though helpwallah is probably more grammatically accurate, help ME graps me more!!!

  2. AG says:

    HelpWallah is indeed more accurate (in its own Hinglish way), and I personally prefer it over HelpMeWallah. I’ll be looking forward to further developments on this.