Consulting Company Progress – Year in Review

It’s been over a year since I formally incorporated my consulting company and I have had a lot of lessons and learning experiences. First, I’ve learned that owning a consulting company is a much different experience from working at one and helping it grow. When you’re an owner you notice and focus on different things … Read more

New Rails Project

Working on a new website, It’s an app to help people select dog breeds. Basically, I was trying to find dog breeds that might be good for me (never owned a dog before) and found it really difficult to research different breeds, filter, etc. So I’m making an app for it to help myself … Read more

Interesting Post on Unpaid Interns

The author brings up that unpaid internships make it so only kids of people with means can break into certain sectors. This is why it’s important to build for-profit enterprises around activism that can afford to pay living wages.

At NY Breaking Solutions Right now

Indian programmer discusses website security vulnerabilities

Indian programmer discusses how Indian websites are full of security vulnerabilities.

Gift Certificate For Alabaster & Chess

I just made the first version of a gift certificate for Alabaster & Chess. The gift certificate is a pdf file made on a mac. I did it manually this time and it took about an hour and a half including time spent thinking about the look and how to actually generate the file. Here … Read more

Website for Alabaster & Chess is going well

Going with Magento looks like a good option for this website. There are some details related to my implementation of the code the first go around that need to be corrected, but other than that, things are good. I’ll be migrating to “bundled products” shortly. This experience of doing serious work on the website from … Read more

Alabaster & Chess Store and Inventory System – Magento all the way

Going with Magento. After spending an afternoon with it, I’ve already got it most of the way to where I need it. Sent links over to Eli and waiting for his feedback.

Alabaster & Chess Website Inventory System

Laying out the inventory for the website… We’re a custom/ bespoke clothing company. From a customer’s point of view, they want to order shirts, suits, trousers, jackets, vests, overcoats, etc. So what they probably want to do is select what sort of garment they are ordering, and then narrow down their garment by picking various … Read more

Catch up

Hey I’ve spent the last couple of months settling in and exploring different opportunities in India and abroad. Quick summary: India feels like home. – I’ll post lots of pictures soon. Promise! I’ve been getting involved in outsourcing and doing a lot of computer programming myself as well- mostly web based work. I’ll cover that … Read more

Trip to Pune. First Business Trip plus Delicious Food at Little Italy

Friday’s trip to Pune made a deep impression on me. It was nice to meet with an outsourcing firm run by honest, ethical people who do not oversell themselves. It’s inspiring me to get back into software development. Friday morning, at around 7 am, I boarded a cab to Pune. 11 am, I woke up … Read more

HelpWallah Feedback

Some people prefer helpwallah, while others prefer helpmewallah. H showed me a personal assistant service that had recently been in the press. It targets a different need and demographic, and is much more expensive. A suggested that we start with a 10 person beta so we could learn what peoples’ needs are in a low-risk … Read more

HelpWallah Beta

Spoke with H and A about HelpWallah. At the end of these conversations, it’s clear that the best way to take HelpWallah forward is to do a private, invite only beta of the service.