Places I’ve eaten so far in India

Just jotting these down so I dont forget them.

The school. The ASB cafeteria gave us lunch several times. It was pretty decent. Bland by default, but there was spicy pickle available.

A chinese restaurant (forgetting the name). There was a large, sit down buffet with insistent waiters at a very nice Chinese restaurant. I don’t normally like Chinese food, but this place was quite delicious!

Olive. A Mediterranean restaurant that’s a place to be seen on Thursdays. We went on a Tuesday. I thought the place was overpriced (for India, but would have been reasonable in New York) and not that good.

Caravan Sarai. A nice Indian place we had a group dinner at. I enjoyed the food.

Street food on Hill Road. We had vegetable samosa, bhel poori, and some sort of potato thing with chickpeas for a grand total of 100 rupees. It was the best Indian food we’d had in India until we had some of Rita’s food at home. So good!

Saltwater Cafe (thrice). We enjoy this place a lot. It is around the corner from our apartment and the food and atmosphere are up to New York western standards at a reasonable price. We’ve had a variety of dishes here. A lot of things aren’t on the menu at any given time because they import most of the ingredients used in the food and run out of things, but you excuse them.

An Indian food place at a hotel near green grower. I forget the name of this place also. Summer, an expat who has been showing Nina around in Bombay, took us here. The food was good and cheap.

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  1. Chris says:

    Ok – I’m all caught up and I’ve got you on my reader feeds. It was interesting hearing/reading about all of your experiences, internal and external. When Susan and I talk about taking vacations, I always say that I would rather just go live somewhere interesting for a while but it sounds like it can a challenge emotional; a little bit difficult to find one’s happy place.