Phish in Tahoe

A friend took me to see Phish in Tahoe. It was different from other shows I’ve been to in the capacity that people were there to see just this one band play, and some of those people had been to over a hundred shows. The impression I got from the show was that the band … Read more

Setting up a home office in India

India is quite a bit different from the United States, and it’s been hard for me to make the adjustment. Things can take longer here and even the simplest things take lots of follow up. There were two major holidays in the past two days, Eid and Ganipati, and as a result, a lot of … Read more


It’s Diwali right now. The Hindu festival of lights. Kind of like Hanukkah that way, but Indian style with lots of fire works.

Kombucha Baby!

Yesterday we got a kombucha culture, so Daya and I are going to start making our own Kombucha. On Tuesday, I emailed someone off a website about kombucha. Wednesday morning, she emailed me back. She said she lived about two hours outside of Bandra, but coincidentally, she happened to be attending a meditation workshop in … Read more

Breach Candy Club, Chez A, and literally the best chocolate cake I’ve ever had

Daya and I went to Breach Candy Club on Thursday night as guests of the two A’s. The two A’s, M, and S all grew up very near and they are lifetime members of the club. A2 first went to the pool when he was three months old. Breach Candy Club has a strong reputation … Read more


Delicious food and drinks in the Colaba area. Approximately a 300 rupee cab ride from our place in Bandra West. Getting there was as interesting as the food and conversation. It was monsooning and the soonest dialed cab couldn’t come for over two and a half hours, so we flagged down a cab. Empty cabs … Read more

Train Ride to Haji Ali’s Juice Center

On Friday, Aug 12th, Twyla and I rode the train to town with the intention of visiting Haji Ali Mosque. Haji Ali is a beautiful mosque built on an island only accessible by foot during low tide. It was high tide when we got there. So Twyla took a couple of pictures and we went … Read more

Biguine’s Thin Veneer – First hand impression of “high end” goods and services in India

Twyla and I visited the “Biguine” salon on Thursday. It was my second time there. After the novelty attached to receiving my first pedicure rubbed off, I was free to get the service in a more objective manner. The staff meant well, but little things were off.

Summary of last Sat and Sun, before the memories vanish

Bombay is becoming more modern by the week. A local friend of ours, H, took us around and and was shocked himself at how a seaside boardwalk had been paved and cleaned up “Where did all the hawkers go?” After the sun went down, some renegade hawkers

First Bollywood House Party

This past Friday night, we were lucky enough to accompany K to our first Bollywood house party. There were even paparazzi outside the apartment. We were coming from a bar at closing. This means we were driving around drinking from plastic cups full of alcohol while K was shouting out the window asking

Clothes Shopping at “Fab India”

I bought a bunch of ethnic Indian clothes at “Fab India” yesterday. Fab India is an Indian clothing company that has been in business over 50 years. They sell well made ethnic Indian clothing. Here’s what I bought at Fab India: Two pairs of white linen pants that look slightly different One blue, short sleeved

Places I’ve eaten so far in India

Just jotting these down so I dont forget them. The school. The ASB cafeteria gave us lunch several times. It was pretty

Ysiad’s First Pedicure. Bliss at the Neighborhood Salon

Daya recently went to the Jean-Claude Biguine French franchise beauty salon by our apartment and has been raving about it since. She enjoyed the experience and said she was pleasantly surprised that such a place was in India. I was happy for her. “Good job sweetie, I’m glad there’s a salon nearby.” What did I … Read more

Big Bazaar Adventure! Shopping with a driver in India.

Yesterday, Daya rented a car so the housekeeper and I could go shopping for housewares at a big box retailer that several people recommended called “Big Bazaar.” Big Bazaar is India’s version of Target. They have food, housewares, clothing, toys, furniture, etc. Items are scanned at the register. All wares have a set price that … Read more

Getting Household Help in India

Luckily for us, the school provides us with people to help with maintenance of our place. That takes out most of the hassle of living in India. However, we still need to handle cleaning, cooking, shopping, and laundry. We decided to hire our own help to do things like clean, cook, handle shopping, etc because … Read more