Quick Post Before Going Out Exploring

Yesterday I mostly stayed at home. Plants got delivered from Green Grower the day before, and yesterday was spent negotiating on which plants they needed to get rid of and which ones to keep.

Today someone who works at the building rang the bell and then yelled in Hindi about garbage being thrown out the window. Apparently, garbage was thrown out the window by the maid working at the apartment below ours. Rita talked to him and he took his rant out on the housekeeper downstairs.

We are out of propane. The school will send us a full tank of propane either today or tomorrow.

Our apartment is looking good now. We took down the wall paper put up by the previous tenants and had the school remove extra furniture that we did not need. Now the apartment looks much larger and has plants in it. Daya was very happy to see the changes when she came home yesterday.

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