Yellow Tree Cafe

Yellow Tree Cafe, is a cafe that serves continental food comparable to Salt Water Cafe’s food, in a slightly less polished atmosphere.

There were initially about twenty American School faculty there Friday night after training let out, so we dominated the top floor. When our group shrank to five and our volume was loud enough that it disturbed the Indian family that sat down next to us, the staff asked us to move to the other end of the floor. It was a very practical way to handle the situation.

The food was pretty good, and the prices were reasonable. Their pesto pepper bruschetta was a huge hit.

Yellow Tree Cafe has a wide range of mixed drinks, and stocks Heffeweisen.

But beware of their desserts. W ordered some chocolate thing that everyone (except me) tried and unanimously agreed was “funky.” They tried to get me to try it as well, but I declined.

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