Improving Posture Through Exercise

A current goal is to strengthen my core muscles to the point that I keep my back straight all day.

Today someone posted on reddit about posture strengthening exercises:

So starting today, I’m going to do a minimum of 1 set of planks and 1 set of bird dogs per day.

My most successful exercise routine was when I committed to doing a set of pushups or a set of situps before going to the bathroom at any point while at the office. Gotta pee? Set of pushups. Wash my hands? Set of pushups. I got in noticeably better shape within a week and kept this up for several months. (Noticeably as in I noticed I had more energy and better posture, and people started asking me if I’d been working out.) This routine broke down when I stopped working at the office in San Francisco.

I’m bringing this back with a new resolution: Some form of exercise for at least the next month before I use the bathroom.

Current valid exercises:

  • Planks
  • Bird Dogs
  • Lunges
  • Kegels (when at a restaurant or something like that)

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