Recently won the Applications For Good San Francisco Competition

So I recently went to a regional hackathon which was a regional try-out for a national competition called Applications for Good the first weekend I moved back to San Francisco.

I was feeling like being creative, and thought what better way to be creative than apply my skills in a way that might help people.

That morning, Jeremy Canfield, Aaron Bannert, Michelle Koeth and I were all sitting at a table when Jeremy and I discovered we were both interested in the same topic: writing an sms based application that could help people find foodstamps. Aaron and I had been chatting earlier, so we happened to be sitting next to each other. And we formed a team. Michelle was there also, and she joined too, sealing off the four-person team. Well anyways, one thing led to another, and we won first place in the competition.

You can see the app we created at

The code is open source, and available at

A post about the day is available at:

And Michelle blogged about it also in better depth than I have, at the codeforamerica blog on:

Now we are competing in the national competition:

Whether we win the national competition or not, the app is starting to gather momentum with the City of San Francisco contributing a server, and One Economy contributing an sms shortcode and free sms messages for us to start scaling out the app. Pretty exciting stuff! Let’s see where it goes.

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