Decluttering with Craigslist

Visiting my mom’s house, I saw quite a bit of space was taken up by books that no one in our household was planning to be read again.

So I scheduled a time for my mother, sisters and I to get together and go through them all. We put all the books we were definitely not planning to look at again.

It was about 400 books we needed to get rid of.

My mom called someone in the building who had kids. After they took as many books as we could give them, there were approximately 350 books left. Then I put up a post on craigslist.

“Approximately 350 free books. Bring your own boxes and/or shopping cart. You have to take them all. And you have to pick them up yourself.”

We received 9 emails in under an hour and a half, and the books were gone in under 3 hours from when we posted. The seller was a college student who was planning to sell the books on Amazon.

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