Alabaster & Chess Website Inventory System

Laying out the inventory for the website… We’re a custom/ bespoke clothing company. From a customer’s point of view, they want to order shirts, suits, trousers, jackets, vests, overcoats, etc.

So what they probably want to do is select what sort of garment they are ordering, and then narrow down their garment by picking various options.

Options are various style decisions on the cut, as well as available materials. The materials fall under the scope of fabrics, buttons, and zippers.

The fabrics are categorized by what garments they are applicable for, quality, color description, pattern description, and material composition.

A major question is: do we upload a fabric and allow it to match multiple garments? or do we upload fabrics once for each garment. Or do we have our garments pick multiple fabrics? I’m going to try the first and third first, and see what makes the most sense as I’m coding. But in the interests of “just getting it done” I might end up reverting to the second for the first iteration.

So to start out, the first version of the inventory system will allow Eli, Nieves, me, and others to upload fabrics and fabric descriptions on the backend. It will allow anyone who wants, to look at our fabrics. But it probably will not allow them to actually order.

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