Alabaster & Chess website – Magento vs Satchmo

Right now I’m torn between going with satchmo on python and magento on php.

Magento has the draw that there are a lot of people using it, while satchmo has the draw that it’s in python and there’s built in support for custom products.

I’ve been working on Magento on and off for a few years now, where as Satchmo is a lot newer to me.

If I were to solve a problem in Magento, I could sell the solution as a module to other developers. Also, it’s easier to find developers who know Magento than it is to find developers who know Satchmo. However, in Satchmo there would be many fewer problems to solve and the people who work on it tend to be a bit sharper… what to do…

I need to have an inventory system up for Alabaster and Chess by the middle of next week. I’m going to spend a day doing it on Magento (since I’m more familiar with it, having programmed in it the last couple of weeks) and then a day doing it in Satchmo, and see what sticks.

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