Catch up Summary – Friday through today

Friday night was drinks with Daya’s coworkers at the Mumbai Cricket Association. An extremely nice, fancy country club near ASB. Lots of fun hanging with Daya and her coworkers. Highlights of the night were: bottomless kingfisher blues, JC’s unlocking my iphone, and seeing how enthused everyone was talking about the school. Daya gets home really energized and excited about the school. Hanging out with her coworkers on a Friday, I saw that everyone else is excited about being there as well.

Saturday was pancakes at JH’s place, shopping for bedding, and then me passing out/ reading at home while Daya went out. Our quest for bedding was very successful. We found sheets we love at Zeba. And seven pillows also.

Sunday was walking around with W and one of the J’s. J showed us how close the waterfront is. We walked around the bandstand area until we reached the fort, and then the four of us took a rickshaw to this indian restaurant next to Mia Cucina. My favorite dish there was the yogurt bhel puri. Extremely delicious. Afterward W, Daya, and I went for dinner at E’s house, with her husband and their son who is a high schooler at ASB. They went out of their way to make us feel extremely welcome in their home, which happens to be the entire floor of a high rise building on the top of a hill. One of my favorite parts of the night was when H (her husband) told us that when he moved back to India from New York, he had a checked bag that was packed with things from Duane Reade. So I could come to his house if I ever want to use Listerine, watch episodes of Seinfeld and feel at home. Those guys are so cool. Also fun was hanging out with their son. He talked about college admissions a little bit, but in a laid-back manner.

Monday I plotted and schemed about happy wallah. Then I started lining things up with SuperJ regarding some tech outsourcing. Daya and I ate at home, then went for a walk on the water during which we ate ice cream. We also started looking at paint swatches and decided to paint our house in colors according to feng shui principles because it’s as good a system as any.

Tuesday (today) – NW came over and we played ping pong. Then S came over and we all plotted about happy wallah. I bought the domain name. Now we are off to eat at Indigo.

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