Delicious food and drinks in the Colaba area. Approximately a 300 rupee cab ride from our place in Bandra West. Getting there was as interesting as the food and conversation. It was monsooning and the soonest dialed cab couldn’t come for over two and a half hours, so we flagged down a cab. Empty cabs did not want to take us because they were finishing their shifts. Finally, a police officer made a cab take us. Once we were inside the cab driver said he’d been working without a food break since 6:30 am and we were going too far for him to be interested in taking us before he went off duty. He said this in Hindi, and Daya translated. I thought he was just saying that to guilt us into a tip, but once we crossed into town, he found another cab that would take us the rest of the way and had us get out of his cab.

To get to Indigo we had to walk down a deserted one-way street. A one-legged homeless guy saw us walking the wrong way and said “Delicious food at Indigo. That way, two doors down” and pointed us in the right direction without our prompting him. He was across the street and not begging for change.

The food and drinks at Indigo were delicious, as I said above. One of Daya’s best friends, R, was in town with his girlfriend, D. They got steaks. Daya and I got a bunch of drinks. Part of the reason we were at Indigo was because R was checking the place out for business reasons. At the end, R sneakily got the bill while I was talking to K’s cousin, who we happened to run into at the bar. Thanks R! We appreciate your taking us to the nicest place we’ve been to in Bombay!

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