Summary of last Sat and Sun, before the memories vanish

Bombay is becoming more modern by the week. A local friend of ours, H, took us around and and was shocked himself at how a seaside boardwalk had been paved and cleaned up “Where did all the hawkers go?” After the sun went down, some renegade hawkers charged us 100 rupees to see a monkey break dance and jump through a small hoop.

H has taken it upon himself to extend hospitality for the city as a whole. We’ve gone with him to:

  • The Intercontinental Hotel, which has a view and setting to justify the 600 rupee drinks.
  • Club Prive, which has a with floating candles and moat around the dance floor, with stone steps in the middle of the moat.
  • The Blue Frog Cafe for a 6-drink brunch that had the best salad I’ve had this side of the Indian Ocean.
  • The Taj Mahal, which has a great bookstore in it.
  • The Gateway of India. Beautiful!
  • His house, which looks like a Haunted Mansion, but is right in the middle of the city and has a bonsai arboretum on the roof!

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