Mia Cucina… and Birthday celebration at this other Italian Place Next to Domino’s

Mia Cucina is an Italian place near the Gold’s Gym by Pali Naka. W really liked the tiramisu there. If it were the only Italian option around, we’d make due.

However, another Italian place nearby is significantly better and slightly cheaper. Its name escapes me, but you’ll find it next to the Domino’s Pizza that’s off of Linking Road around the corner from the corner Nike Store near Khar (as opposed to that other Nike store that’s also on Linking Road, but not as close to Khar and in the middle of the street).

Their pizza is good, salads are good, and they also have a tiramisu. Their tiramisu is better. So I’ll have to take W there sometime soon.

We went to that second Italian place for S’s birthday. S is an ex-pat who works for a micro-finance organization based out of Bombay. At her dinner were her roommate who works at an Indian bank, an American expat of Indian origin who works as a photojournalist, and an Indian telecommunications consultant.

Her roommate talked to us about how she’s spearheading the design and implementation of a new points system attached to the debit cards that the bank issues. The new points scheme will use cricket terminology to describe the points. So every rupee you spend is a run, and so many runs get you various rewards. If India wins a match against another country, you get triple points that day and the next day.

The journalist described some of her recent assignments, and she got a call during dinner asking if she could cover something at the Taj for the New York Times the following day.

The telecommunications consultant had fun stories about living in Singapore. The native Indians said he’s Gujarati, so he’s naturally good in business. I believed that from talking to him.

At the end of the dinner, we sang S happy birthday.

2 Responses to “Mia Cucina… and Birthday celebration at this other Italian Place Next to Domino’s”
  1. Summer says:

    The fabulous Italian restaurant is Cafe Mangii. It is off of Linking road at the nike intersection – right next to Taco Fresco, which is another hot spot for expats missing flavors from home.

    So glad you could join me for my b-day!!!

  2. Shruti Gupta says:

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