Trailing, err Traveling Spouses Society

“Trailing Spouses” is the term for people who follow their spouses to a foreign place where they would not have traveled otherwise, primarily for the sake of supporting the spouse’s career. As cool as it sounds to move to another place with little responsibility, it gets lonely quick. To combat this, Twyla, L, and I have started a club. We had our second meeting earlier today.

Twyla and I met at Saltwater Cafe for brunch at yesterday’s inaugural meeting. L telecommuted in via cell phone. Twyla took minutes and posted them on her blog. We had ambitious plans involving our first rides on the local train, but we ended up ping pong instead.

Our next meeting, earlier today, was at Biguene’s for pedicures. I brought Knockout Cosmetics to the salon, and got a coat of flatte top on my nails during the free manicure I got on account of this being my second visit. L telecommuted to this meeting also, as she had to be home for some work going on at her house. AR, a non-ASB traveling spouse was also going to join, but had to cancel due to philanthropic obligations.

Afterward, we went back to my place and hung out with Daya for a brainstorming session about Traveling Spouses Society. We now have a few club name ideas to run past the other members. We will do such at the after-work happy hour tomorrow evening.

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