2022.01.18 Journal

* 30 minutes on the programming tutorial Did over an hour
* Day Seven of journaling about Apathy/Helplessness/Hopeless

* Meditation – Day 680
* Journaling – Day 23
* Yoga – Day 22

reflections:: 9:57am. I’m about to hop into a meeting, but had some epiphanies while meditating/ doing yoga this morning around being present. It seems we handle this in two directions. One is letting our understanding of the past go on in such a manner that it loses its charge. The other is to make the present more interesting. If someone held a gun to my forehead, my attention would immediately shift to the present. A question I find myself wondering about now is: Do I need to be in a life threatening situation to be present with myself? Why or why not? And in what circumstances? Since that realization, my focus shifted in meditation to, “How do I make the present more interesting and engaging to myself?” That leads to some thoughts on apathy, which I’ll get to in a bit. Have to hop to a meeting. 10:01am.

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