2022.02.11 Journal

* Day three of journaling about Anger/ Hate/ Aggression
* Social health – Go to House of Yes. Help plan party for Saturday. <– Cancelled on going to House of Yes. Was fairly emotionally exhausted from the week. Had a dinner and passed out instead. But I did reach out to a couple of friends so I still did things associated with socializing.

* Meditation – Day 704
* Journaling – Day 46
* Yoga – Day 46
* Cold shower – Day 19

reflections:: 8:05am Woke up, cold shower, did yoga, meditated, status post on yesterday’s miss. Now doing my post today. An old version of me wouldn’t have found himself being curious about missing his journal post yesterday. I probably would have been annoyed or angry at myself. But now I just shrug, post something, and increment the numbers the next day. And I found myself having two conversations yesterday about the way that anger is a useful pointer about the most obvious place to increase love and connectedness. These were not conversations that would have happened before I spent time journaling on and reflecting on these topics.

Yesterday was a challenging day in a number of ways. I had to tell our board yesterday that we were out of cash earlier than we were expecting to be out of it. And I was lacking confidence in our valuation and prospects.

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