Why it’s hard to learn from books – But you can do it!

I’ve been coaching my younger sister through learning to computer program. As part of the process I’ve been sending her pep/ motivational emails that might be useful to anyone who’s going through the list of books I recommended in this post here. Here’s one of them encouraging her to push through the difficulty of learning … Read more

Setting up a home office in India

India is quite a bit different from the United States, and it’s been hard for me to make the adjustment. Things can take longer here and even the simplest things take lots of follow up. There were two major holidays in the past two days, Eid and Ganipati, and as a result, a lot of … Read more

Elco Vegetarian

Daya and I agree that Elco Vegetarian is the best Indian food we’ve had thus far. It even beats out the fancier places like Caravan Serai. Daya and I got a pani puri that had yogurt in it, a paneer pizza, and a channa poori. All food was delicious.

Breach Candy Club, Chez A, and literally the best chocolate cake I’ve ever had

Daya and I went to Breach Candy Club on Thursday night as guests of the two A’s. The two A’s, M, and S all grew up very near and they are lifetime members of the club. A2 first went to the pool when he was three months old. Breach Candy Club has a strong reputation … Read more


Delicious food and drinks in the Colaba area. Approximately a 300 rupee cab ride from our place in Bandra West. Getting there was as interesting as the food and conversation. It was monsooning and the soonest dialed cab couldn’t come for over two and a half hours, so we flagged down a cab. Empty cabs … Read more

Train Ride to Haji Ali’s Juice Center

On Friday, Aug 12th, Twyla and I rode the train to town with the intention of visiting Haji Ali Mosque. Haji Ali is a beautiful mosque built on an island only accessible by foot during low tide. It was high tide when we got there. So Twyla took a couple of pictures and we went … Read more

Mia Cucina… and Birthday celebration at this other Italian Place Next to Domino’s

Mia Cucina is an Italian place near the Gold’s Gym by Pali Naka. W really liked the tiramisu there. If it were the only Italian option around, we’d make due. However, another Italian place nearby is significantly better and slightly cheaper. Its name escapes me, but you’ll find it next to the Domino’s Pizza that’s … Read more


Lemongrass is a Thai place worth trying in Bandra. They had a guitarist going around serenading every table with covers of folk and classic rock songs. Normally that’s annoying. However, by his second song

Elbo Room

Friday night was our second time at Elbo Room. For a first impression, see First Impressions of Bombay post. Elbo Room is currently popular in Bombay because it’s new and in Bandra. It stays open until 1:30 am, half an hour longer than other bars in the area. A large part of the fun of … Read more

Pali Circle Cafe

Pali Circle Cafe is an architecturally rich restaurant with five different types of sangria to choose from. All of their sangrias taste delicious, so you can order a few different pitchers and occupy yourself for quite a while tasting the different sangrias. They’re not as watered down as in the states, so the alcohol sneaks … Read more

The clothes a man needs to live in India

When I moved to India, all I brought with me was a carry-on bag with some business clothes, a laptop bag with my computer and an external wireless antenna for increased signal radius. Since I had so much extra space, I also picked up 312 bottles of Knock Out Cosmetics and a gorilla suit and … Read more