Website for Alabaster & Chess is going well

Going with Magento looks like a good option for this website. There are some details related to my implementation of the code the first go around that need to be corrected, but other than that, things are good. I’ll be migrating to “bundled products” shortly. This experience of doing serious work on the website from a “this just needs to get done” perspective rather than building a perfect system feels good.

First, it’s a good sign that I’m getting productive again. That’s how I work whenever I work for other people. And it’s the mode I’ve been on every time I’ve started something that’s worked. Think a little bit, but spend most of the time knocking things off the to do list to materialize a vision.

Second, it’s setting me up to be a real contributor in the company. Balance of work-wise, I’ve been a nightmare partner for Eli. This is a good experience to have, because usually when I’ve worked on things I’ve been the harder working one. Here I’m in the exact opposite position. Living in India will be a good chance for me to even the score. Hopefully, I’ll swing it back in the other direction so Eli could take a break for a while. That’ll take serious work though, because he’s handling all sales.

Yoga teacher just got here… gotta run….

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