2021.12.28 Day Notes

Reflection:: I woke up just before 7am today without an alarm and then did the recommended yoga practice with the exception of not yet doing the jala neti practice. For tomorrow I want to have a tea kettle I could use for this. Want it to be approximately a half liter so I could really go at it. I’m already noticing that I’m happy with this routine. It feels right. Interesting how such simple pre-meditation stretches as level one in this book can serve as a clear sign that there’s a lot of room to increase flexibility and get better. I’m sitting cross-legged in the floor of my room as I’m typing this.

*Meditation Day 659
*Workout Day 81. But I don’t particularly care to track this one anymore
*YogaBook Day 1
*Journaling Day 2


  • Download the videos, lessons, and pdf’s from the TED course
  • Various work meetings
  • Figure out Neti situation

Reflection:: Yoga, meditation, and writing in the AM feel like a good way to start my day. If I let that part keep going, then I can feel like the physical and mental health aspects of my life are in an upward direction, which will reliably lead toward a contemplative life. As I look at the questions I had yesterday, I feel like the planning aspects will start taking form if I keep asking myself: “How are my actions today leading towards global harmony?” I like this framing more than the “my best ___” framing I had before because it immediately raises my consciousness and facilitates calmly doing whatever it is I decide I need to do. From an immediate-to-future perspective, what’s clearly important is having good daily routines that include journaling so that I continually iterate. 9am… time for my first meeting of the day.

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