2021.12.29 Day Notes

Reflection:: I woke up pretty late in the morning today after adapting my sleep schedule yesterday. Drank 3 mugs of beer at a celebratory work lunch and passed out at around 4pm or something. Woke up at 11pm, was awake until around 4am, and then just woke up again around 8am. So far I’ve Neti’d … Read more

2021.12.28 Day Notes

Reflection:: I woke up just before 7am today without an alarm and then did the recommended yoga practice with the exception of not yet doing the jala neti practice. For tomorrow I want to have a tea kettle I could use for this. Want it to be approximately a half liter so I could really … Read more

2021.12.27 Day Notes

Reflection:: Figured I’d start posting my journal notes in a more public venue so that it’s easier for me to access them and so that anyone who’s curious about what I’m up to or was up to, they’d have an easy time figuring it out. For the past few years I’ve been keeping notes in … Read more