2022.01.25 Journal

* 30 minutes on the programming tutorial
* Day One of journaling about Fear/ Worry & Anxiety
* Do something social – hang with someone from yesterday’s birthday party

* Meditation – Day 688
* Journaling – Day 31
* Yoga – Day 30
* Cold shower – Day 2

reflections:: 4:45pm I woke up late this morning because I was up late the night before and had a hard time going to sleep. Lesson learned: If you have an espresso mixed drink at 8pm, there will be consequences.

I decided to sleep in the morning instead of doing yoga first thing, but I still took a cold shower in the afternoon and did some yoga in between meetings. Now I’m journaling before heading to a dinner.

Fear/ Worry & Anxiety. This one’s a bit easier for me to tap into, because it’s so easy for me to identify fears. When I was younger, it was more challenging, but at some point I realized that fear is the other side of courage. Courage means being scared of something, and then doing it anyways. So to the extent I want to be courageous, I need to be aware of my fears. And worry is easy also – if you’re talking about what could go wrong, you’re not taking the time to make things go right. Right now I’m stepping into a fund raise, and it’s easy to go in circles about what could go wrong. But there are certain steps that absolutely need to be taken to achieve the goal. And my work is to focus on accomplishing those steps. Tapping into worry and anxiety is just… what would I be thinking and feeling if I let myself. There’s something here about allowing it that I might be able to benefit from exploring. Glad I got this journal post out there though. 4:57pm

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