* 30 minutes on the programming tutorial
* Day Six of journaling about Fear/ Worry & Anxiety
* Do something social – Call at least one friend I haven’t spoken with in a while to catch up

* Meditation – Day 692
* Journaling – Day 35
* Yoga – Day 34
* Cold shower – Day 7

reflections:: 12:03pm Woke up after a couple hours of sleep and did my AM yoga routine. Then hung out with friends who stayed over. They’re still here, but I wanted to make sure I journaled instead of continuing to hang out and letting the day get away from me.

Doing another day about fear/worry/anxiety is fun because I notice that it comes up a lot for folks and that it continues to come up often for me as well. Now I’m finding myself wondering about what it morphs into. So according to Hawkins, the next stage up from Fear is Desire, and when you’re in that state, you’re dealing with Greed & Insatiability. So in some ways, we can think of being greedy and insatiable as a step up from being worried and anxious, which is itself a step up from being full of regrets and being depressed. This is making sense to me, yet I still have a ways to go until I intuitively fully know it. Heading back downstairs… wanted to touch in with journaling though. 12:13pm

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