2022.02.16 Journal

* Day one of journaling about Pride/Scorn/Demanding
* Social health – Call at least one person while in Nashville.
* Mental health – Exercise in a manner where I break a sweat for 30 minutes

* Meditation – Day 709
* Journaling – Day 51
* Yoga – Day 51
* Cold shower – Day 24

reflections:: 7:17am. In an uber en route to JFK. Woke up at 5am so I could do my routine and still pack. Last night I saw two friends that I also want to work with. There’s a bit of a lag in typing while journal writing on my phone. So that’s a pretty strong incentive to do it on my laptop whenever possible. A little frustrating, and I’m happy I notice that I’m frustrated. There’s a pretty strong dopamine kick now whenever I check in with my feelings and notice something, that’s encouraging me to be mindful and feel my feelings more regularly.

Reflecting on Pride/Scorn/Demanding now, and I immediately feel like this is going to be a rich vein for me. I’ve been conditioned to not express these feelings, and yet I do it all the time without labeling these expressions as such. This is a great new paradigm or lens for me to look through. I can be very demanding in all sorts of realms and areas of my life. But I don’t think I’ve stopped and asked myself if that’s something I’d like to let go of. I can see how it leads to feelings of guilt and shame for people around me. More to come when I have more stable internet.

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