2022.02.17 Journal

* Day two of journaling about Pride/Scorn/Demanding
* Social health – Hang out with at least one friend while in Nashville.
* Mental health – Be mindful about eating and exercise in a manner where I break a sweat for 30 minutes

* Meditation – Day 710
* Journaling – Day 52
* Yoga – Day 52
* Cold shower – Day 25

reflections:: 8:51am. Didn’t get around to journaling more yesterday. At the same time, I’m proud that I still did my cold shower/yoga/meditation routine today from the hotel while traveling. I didn’t exercise yesterday because I didn’t make time to. I had work meetings over the phone and in person instead. It’s hugely validating that these investor meetings are starting to go as well as they are now.

9am: I just spent time replying to slack messages, etc. Now I’ve gotta run into a work meeting but still haven’t done my journaling about Pride/ Scorn/ Demanding. I had a conversation with a friend yesterday that was pretty relevant to learning about pride/scorn/demanding that I’m only realizing now that I’m journaling.

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