2022.02.19 Journal

* Day four of journaling about Pride/Scorn/Demanding
* Social health – Hang out with friends in person.
* Mental health – Be mindful about eating and exercise in a manner where I break a sweat for 30 minutes

* Meditation – Day 712
* Journaling – Day 54
* Yoga – Day 54
* Cold shower – Day 27

reflections:: 3:49am Journaling at the end of the day again. I had a few instances where I saw pride and scorn potentially popping up, because there were ways I could have been demanding, but instead I chose to be empathetic and see things to be grateful for. I got a positive pcr test for covid, but thankfully I’m completely asymptomatic, triple vaccinated, and also got a negative antigen test, so what’s most likely happened is that I got exposed a bit ago, was asymptomatic, the vaccine worked and my body was able to fight it off without me noticing it, and now the pcr test is detecting what my body is shedding. It’s a real bummer I wasn’t able to see my friends at the party I wanted to attend because the rule is around pcr tests, not antigen tests, but at the same time I’m happy that I was asymptomatic and not sick. I’m also happy that everyone else was able to get together. There’s a world where I get really demanding and feel scorn towards the people who insist on the rule around PCR tests, that would require me putting my preferences above others’ preferences in a way that does not feel healthy, but that I understand. I feel like I’m getting a deeper relationship with and understanding of Pride/ Scorn/ Demanding as a result.

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