2022.04.25 Journal

8:26am. I’ve been awake for approx 30 min. Checked the news, Facebook, my email, and slack. I’m feeling called to re-institute a directed morning routine. I just sent a critical work email about something that was top of mind and am now back to journaling about my day.

Things that seem important for me to handle:

  • Morning routine
    • Meditation – including a strong focus on meditation prep and time allocated for post-meditation journaling
    • Coffee
  • Work
    • Limit today’s work to 4 hours with a timer and see how much gets done. Worked a bunch instead.
  • Fitness
    • Go on an hour-long walk
    • Do yoga
    • Book virtual PT appointment
  • Tomorrow planning
    • Plan for doing morning routine before 9am
  • Social
    • Invite friend to an event this evening – They can’t make it. I’m staying in and resting.
    • Check in with gut about having lunch today vs rescheduling given today’s work obligations. Decided to reschedule.
  • Housing
    • Check on status of potential housing options

8:43am 17 minutes before work meeting

M: Check in with my meditation habit after missing it for a few more days.
G: Meditate with a timer for 10 minutes and then journal afterwards.
E: I expect to remain focused and hit my goal. At the same time, open to that not occurring.
D: I resolve to be diligent here.
D: Thinking about how little time there is to meditate today. Thinking about work things. Thinking about social things.
P: I’ll sit on a pillow on the ground.

After brushing my teeth it was 8:51 so I only set my timer for 5 minutes. When my alarm rang I found myself thinking about work. I’m glad I set a timer at all and that I moved forward with meditation. Tomorrow I can improve by starting my day earlier.

I’ll aim to be ready for work by 8:45am tomorrow. This means waking up at 7am so I have time for my morning routine.

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