30/60/90 Day goals in personal life

Two of the self management tools that keep my day-to-day activities focused on longer-term objectives at work are 1) having 30/60/90 day goals and 2) having a daily to-do list. The 30/60/90 day goals keep me focused on tactical plans that support longer term strategic objectives (more subtle or longer term goals with multiple dependencies that can take a … Read more

Improving Posture Through Exercise

A current goal is to strengthen my core muscles to the point that I keep my back straight all day. Today someone posted on reddit about posture strengthening exercises: http://www.reddit.com/r/Fitness/comments/ewrr0/writeup_on_the_dreaded_anterior_pelvic_tilt_or/ So starting today, I’m going to do a minimum of 1 set of planks and 1 set of bird dogs per day. My most successful … Read more

Today’s to-do

Plan out day and make planning phone calls spend 2 pomodoros on alabaster & chess website – making store more closely mirror the current live site. spend 3 pomodors on jbd product export Meeting w/ LH tomorrow around 5 pm. He’ll pick me up on his way to airport Meeting w/ AD Friday around 4 … Read more