What I’ve noticed from going to Ruby meetups in SF for the past few weeks

I’ve been going to meetups in San Francisco the last few weeks with the goal of meeting people and seeing who’s out there. I’ve met a few cool people at these meetups. Something that strikes me as strange though, is how few people I meet at these meetups actually contribute to the ruby or rails … Read more

Vim Commands

After installing the rename plugin, the following command renames a file and saves it in the same directory it was previously in.. :Rename %:p:h/_new_file_name.html.erb

SnapFresh.org Recently won the Applications For Good San Francisco Competition

So I recently went to a regional hackathon which was a regional try-out for a national competition called Applications for Good the first weekend I moved back to San Francisco. I was feeling like being creative, and thought what better way to be creative than apply my skills in a way that might help people. … Read more

Git Guide For People New to Git

Installing GIT mac: $brew install git or use the graphical install at http://code.google.com/p/git-osx-installer linux: $apt-get install git-core or $yum install git-core windows: http://code.google.com/p/msysgit Configuring GIT $ git config –global user.name “Your Name” $ git config –global user.email youremail@email.com Getting files from our repository The first time, do: $git clone git://github.com/aardvarkium/NAMEOFPROJECT Afterwards: $git pull Checking in … Read more

ParkFinder – An sms app that finds the parks closest to a given location

In preparation for the appsforgood competition, I’m writing a small app called “Parkfinder.” It’s an app to train myself on using sms and google maps to find points of interest close to a given location. I’m writing it on Ruby on Rails 3. And since the primary interface is intended to be SMS, the graphical … Read more

Ruby on Rails Notes: Standard Project Setup

Writing down steps before writing a script… rvm gemset create appname rvm gemset use appname gem install rails –no-rdoc –no-ri rails new appname -T cd appname echo rvm use [rubyinstall]@[gemsetappname] > .rvmrc edit Gemfile add rspec to development and test add haml, sass to all add heroku to development bundle install rails generate rspec:install git … Read more

Indian programmer discusses website security vulnerabilities

Indian programmer discusses how Indian websites are full of security vulnerabilities.

Why Google’s maps stand out more than their competitors


Website for Alabaster & Chess is going well

Going with Magento looks like a good option for this website. There are some details related to my implementation of the code the first go around that need to be corrected, but other than that, things are good. I’ll be migrating to “bundled products” shortly. This experience of doing serious work on the website from … Read more

Alabaster & Chess Store and Inventory System – Magento all the way

Going with Magento. After spending an afternoon with it, I’ve already got it most of the way to where I need it. Sent links over to Eli and waiting for his feedback.

Alabaster & Chess Website Inventory System

Laying out the inventory for the website… We’re a custom/ bespoke clothing company. From a customer’s point of view, they want to order shirts, suits, trousers, jackets, vests, overcoats, etc. So what they probably want to do is select what sort of garment they are ordering, and then narrow down their garment by picking various … Read more

Alabaster & Chess website – Magento vs Satchmo

Right now I’m torn between going with satchmo on python and magento on php. Magento has the draw that there are a lot of people using it, while satchmo has the draw that it’s in python and there’s built in support for custom products. I’ve been working on Magento on and off for a few … Read more

Getting up to speed on Magento

I’m compiling a list of tutorials and steps for getting outsourced developers up to speed. So as a requirement I need to know what I could expect an Indian developer to know if I told him/her: Install Magento on your machine by following the instructions on ysiad.com/howtoinstallmagento (probably links to other resources, with my own … Read more

Magento Environment Basics

Quick notes to myself on setting up an environment for Magento work for future reference. If you’re on windows, you might as well run ubuntu in a vmware player instance. It’s easy to set up and if you plan to run Magento on a linux server, you might as well start using some linux flavor … Read more