Kombucha Baby!

Yesterday we got a kombucha culture, so Daya and I are going to start making our own Kombucha. On Tuesday, I emailed someone off a website about kombucha. Wednesday morning, she emailed me back. She said she lived about two hours outside of Bandra, but coincidentally, she happened to be attending a meditation workshop in … Read more

Trip to Pune. First Business Trip plus Delicious Food at Little Italy

Friday’s trip to Pune made a deep impression on me. It was nice to meet with an outsourcing firm run by honest, ethical people who do not oversell themselves. It’s inspiring me to get back into software development. Friday morning, at around 7 am, I boarded a cab to Pune. 11 am, I woke up … Read more

Breach Candy Club, Chez A, and literally the best chocolate cake I’ve ever had

Daya and I went to Breach Candy Club on Thursday night as guests of the two A’s. The two A’s, M, and S all grew up very near and they are lifetime members of the club. A2 first went to the pool when he was three months old. Breach Candy Club has a strong reputation … Read more


This morning I started my first India-based business/ contribution to the community. It’s a personal help service called Help Me Wallah. Its intent is to make life easier for people living in India. Just Bombay at first though. (Nothing is up on the website yet, but we are already in operation.) 24 hours/ day, customers … Read more

Catch up Summary – Friday through today

Friday night was drinks with Daya’s coworkers at the Mumbai Cricket Association. An extremely nice, fancy country club near ASB. Lots of fun hanging with Daya and her coworkers. Highlights of the night were: bottomless kingfisher blues, JC’s unlocking my iphone, and seeing how enthused everyone was talking about the school. Daya gets home really … Read more

Trailing, err Traveling Spouses Society

“Trailing Spouses” is the term for people who follow their spouses to a foreign place where they would not have traveled otherwise, primarily for the sake of supporting the spouse’s career. As cool as it sounds to move to another place with little responsibility, it gets lonely quick. To combat this, Twyla, L, and I … Read more

Mia Cucina… and Birthday celebration at this other Italian Place Next to Domino‚Äôs

Mia Cucina is an Italian place near the Gold’s Gym by Pali Naka. W really liked the tiramisu there. If it were the only Italian option around, we’d make due. However, another Italian place nearby is significantly better and slightly cheaper. Its name escapes me, but you’ll find it next to the Domino’s Pizza that’s … Read more

Quick Post Before Going Out Exploring

Yesterday I mostly stayed at home. Plants got delivered from Green Grower the day before, and yesterday was spent negotiating on which plants they needed to get rid of and which ones to keep. Today someone who works at the building rang the bell and then yelled in Hindi about garbage being thrown out the … Read more

Intentionally Un-Happening Day

Today I’m making time to work out per Arnold’s work-out tips and get some planning done. Throughout the day I’ll also write about the past weekend on this blog. From a house-husband perspective, the guys from Green Grower should be coming later today or tomorrow to deliver house plants. Daya and I plan to pick … Read more

Yellow Tree Cafe

Yellow Tree Cafe, is a cafe that serves continental food comparable to Salt Water Cafe’s food, in a slightly less polished atmosphere. There were initially about twenty American School faculty there Friday night after training let out, so we dominated the top floor. When our group shrank to five and our volume was loud enough … Read more

Second Weekend – Quick Summary

Friday Night: Yellow Tree Cafe, Pali Circle cafe, Elbo Room, Bollywood house party. Saturday: Local diner, Hunt for tailor, Intercontinental hotel, Prive Club, Driving around Sunday: Jump rope, Hunt for beddings, Brunch, Meteor, Gateway of India, Taj Mahal, Arnold inspiration, Haunted Mansion

Clothes Shopping at “Fab India”

I bought a bunch of ethnic Indian clothes at “Fab India” yesterday. Fab India is an Indian clothing company that has been in business over 50 years. They sell well made ethnic Indian clothing. Here’s what I bought at Fab India: Two pairs of white linen pants that look slightly different One blue, short sleeved

For Posterity’s Sake

Here’s my current status: Partner: Daya (fiance) Location: Bombay (Mumbai), India. In Bandra West. We are living in a two bedroom apartment provided by the American School of Bombay. There are three other school teachers in the building. Business activities: Moving production of Alabaster & Chess clothing company to India (not sure whether Delhi or … Read more